What is Schmidt Sciences?

Schmidt Sciences, LLC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported by Eric and Wendy Schmidt dedicated to advancing science and technology for positive global impact. Schmidt Sciences, LLC is a subsidiary of The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation (EIN: 46-3460261).

What does Schmidt Sciences do?

Schmidt Sciences aims to accelerate and deepen our understanding of the natural world and develop solutions to real-world challenges for public benefit. We do this by identifying under-supported or unconventional areas of exploration and discovery with the potential for high impact. We seek ideas, people, and techniques across disciplines of science and technology to catalyze results for society. Our focus areas include AI & Advanced Computing, Astrophysics and Space, Biosciences, Climate, and Cross-Science.

What is the relationship between Schmidt Sciences, Schmidt Futures, and other Schmidt entities?

Schmidt Sciences is one of several organizations supported by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. The Schmidt Sciences team and work has transitioned from Schmidt Futures into its own non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science and technology.

When our projects align with the work of our founders’ other efforts, we may collaborate to accelerate or enhance work in furtherance of our goals.

What role does Alphabet, Inc., or Google play in Schmidt Sciences?

None. These corporate entities are separate organizations.

What is Schmidt Sciences’ policy on paying for an awardee’s indirect costs?

Schmidt Sciences uses the following policy for any contribution or funding it recommends from any source:

We require all awardees, unless otherwise agreed to in the terms of the award agreement, to refrain from using award funds to pay for any indirect costs, and there shall be no allocation of indirect costs to an award, in each case, unless expressly agreed in writing in the agreement to permit the award to be spent on indirect costs. In other words, the awardee should not include any indirect costs in an award’s budget unless expressly agreed.

In cases where an indirect-cost allocation is allowed per the terms of the award agreement, then the following rules shall apply except as otherwise expressly set forth in the applicable award agreement:

  • indirect costs may not exceed 10% of the total award;
  • the allocation rate must be approved in advance by the program manager or other office; and
  • the indirect-cost allocation must be included as a line item in the project budget