Sudip Shekhar

2022 Polymaths Award Winner

Dr. Sudip Shekhar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia. His research has explored a number of topics in electrical engineering, including microelectronics, integrated circuits and systems for high-speed interfaces, silicon photonics, radio-frequency transceivers, accelerators and sensor interfaces, leading to innovation in integrated communications systems and circuits (data-centers, processors, and radios) with applications to optoelectronics, high-speed interconnects, and wireless systems. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Dr. Shekhar conducted research on high-speed input/output architectures at the Circuits Research Laboratory of the Intel Corporation. At UBC, he continued the research and further collaborated with Elenion (now Nokia). Those work led to transceivers that transformed connectivity within and between data-centers. Dr. Shekhar’s current research interests include circuits for electrical and optical interfaces, frequency synthesizers, and wireless transceivers. Visit the Shekhar Lab website for more information on their work.

Planned Polymaths Work: Dr. Shekhar plans to pivot from developing communications circuits to building biosensors for inexpensive yet robust point-of-care biomedical testing – a potentially game-changing technology that could expand testing capacity for isolated communities, emergency services, drive-through testing and drug stores, and eventually for at-home use.